Live-Action Gaming Excitement

Perfect for birthday parties and special events, Conquest Laser Tag provides live-action gaming excitement to the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas.

It's like paintball, but without the mess or pain...

Laser Tag In Action

On a sunny, yet windy day with eager participants…

Rules of Engagement

This video illustrates some aspects and use of our gaming equipment which is manufactured and designed by Battlefield Sports, located in Australia. Please note that the Battlefield Sports equipment is highly versatile and that live-action gaming sessions will vary accordingly.

What is Laser Tag?

Conquest Laser Tag provides a mobile live-action gaming experience called Battlefield Live or sometimes referred to in Australia as Laser Skirmish. Our service provides laser tag with a hi-tech, modern twist. Featuring real-time hit feedback as well as real-time stats, Battlefield LIVE is a live-action play inspired by popular video games like the “Call of Duty” or “HALO” series. And when we say mobile we mean we are 100% mobile. We bring the action to you!

Your battlefield can be set-up almost anywhere and is only limited by your imagination. Back yard, open field, forest, or park can be transformed in minutes from a sedate setting to an action-packed battlefield. You can also play indoors as long as the space is large enough to accommodate the number of players you expect. Your Battlefield can be as small as half a basketball court to as large as a football field.

Domination Box

Medic/Respawn Box

Taking Aim

Some of our players in action !

Conquest Laser Tag uses equipment designed by Battlefield Sports.

Battlefield LIVE is a new take on Laser Tag. The technology uses infra-red light (just like a TV remote) inside gaming guns. This laser tag equipment enables combat simulation games. These games use Battlefield Sports’ patented technology “SATR”. SATR is the world’s first instantaneous hit feedback system which works peer-to-peer and in any terrain. This technology was designed by gamers for gamers. Peter Lander drew on his experience as a Live Action Role Player (LARPs) and from table top war games and video gamers to create SATR for other gamers. We call the game “Battlefield LIVE.”

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