The Cobra is our lightest gaming device. It is made from polycarbonate, rather than metal, so it is perfect for the younger players, and for indoor game play. It is also great for portable attraction, as this new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for extended range. It also comes standard with an integrated peep Red Dot sight.


The Scorpion is a popular & versatile gaming device. This model is in the Special Compact (SC) class of weapon. It is great for either indoor or outdoors and, in particular, Close Quarter Battles (CQB). In fact, since it does not have a protruding barrel it is ideal for indoor laser tag usage.  It has a metal construction. More it has a full trigger mechanism. It also comes standard with an integrated Red Dot scope.


This gaming device is a great combination between compact design and huge firepower.  It works well played indoors, around gaming inflatables, or outdoors, as pictured. Features include: Highly adjustable stock so that a wide range of gamers can use this unit comfortably. By having a flat front end, this model is designed to work both indoor or outdoor games.  A newly designed long focal length lens allows this model to have more range than either the Cobra or Scorpion.

Domination Box

The Sci-fi Battle Box has some extra functionality, as well as acting as a medic box and ammo box, it can also be a:

  • Domination Box: Blue team gamers shoot it and it flashes blue the computer inside it times how long blue team controls that box. When the red team shoots it the lights flash red.
  • Freestanding Target: because of its forward face sensor it also works well as a target.

Medic/Re-Spawn Box

The box can be configured as:

  • Medic Box: so gamers can re-spawn themselves.
  • Ammo Box: so gamers can replenish their ammunition.
  • Combo Box: so it acts as both a medic and ammo box.

Inflatable Battle Bunkers

Inflatable Battle Bunkers are a great option if your designated battle area needs additional cover.