Mission Briefing: Each mission begins with a mission briefing to each team by the Mission Director.

Domination: The mission objective for both teams is to dominate control of the Battle Box. Just as in Call of Duty, a Battle Box is set between two teams. When one team shoots the box they dominate it and defend it until the other team shoots it to take control. This is a timed mission, the Battle Box records the amount of time each team dominates it and declares a winner at the end of the mission.

Slayer AKA Deathmatch: The mission objective for both teams is to eliminate as many members of the other team while ensuring that your own team suffers minimal casualties. This is a timed mission. The number of re-spawns are counted by the Battle Boxes and are used to determine the winner. The winning team is the team that uses the least number of re-spawns.

Capture the Flag: The mission for both teams is to get to their opposition’s base and shoot their Flag Box. That gamer will then have hold of a virtual flag. Then that gamer needs to get back to their own base and shoot their own Flag Box. Thereby gaining one point for their team.